BIONIX at Murcia Shops Forum 2019

Next October 20, BIONIX will be in a Retail Event in Murcia (Spain).

During the event, retailers will be able to see how efficient management of the entire supply chain is achieved thanks to the entire BIONIX universe.

As we all know, for years we have been seeing a important change in the management of supplychains in several sectors, making inventories and how to use technology to make that efficiency a reality.

In addition, we will be present at a round table where we will discuss how customers act in stores. Such information is very important and very useful for companies because, in this way, they manage to offer the customer what they really want.

From BIONIX, we will provide a way to achieve an improvement in the management times of the product chain; we can say examples such as the accuracy of inventories and reduction of replenishment times. That allow an increase of customer experience. We can not forget that, thanks to RFID technology and our Platform, all those tasks are easier.

We will also discuss all the positive impact that RFID technology is having on increased sales in many sectors.

Regardless of the sales channel, having an improvement in logistical processes, considerably improves the sales if compared with those traditional models.

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