On March 28th, we had the opportunity to be present at the Retail Forum in Madrid. We are developers and manufacturers of electronic devices operating with RFID technology, so we decided to present a wide range of new ideas in the section called: The Shop of the Future.
Knowing the place and the section where we were, we started to work to develop completely innovative solutions for the retail market. In Addition to our devices oriented to traceability of the entire supply chain, we decided to present a new system that would take full advantage of the potential of using RFID technology in a store.

Nowadays, several technologies are being used to have controlled all the items that are put on sale in many stores: magnetic Alarms, label with barcodes that indicate the information of the product… So that, we decided to integrate all the functions using a single RFID tag.
So, from Bionix we had the need to develop a new device that would allow us to put this integration into operation. In this way we saw the birth of RFID as EAS.

We have Always been aware that the supply chain ends at the time the item leaves its point of sale to the end user. Whether in a fashion store, shoe store, or a book from our favorite writer, we can use a single label to know if it has been paid correctly or is being stolen.
Its operation is very simple: when an item with an RFID tag goes through a point of sale and is paid, the system interprets it as a sold product. This way, when the customer leaves the store with that item that you have previously purchased, our device would not consider it. If not, the alarms would begin to function as a warning signal to the shop workers. This signal would indicate, as we all know, that an item is being subtracting without being passed by the point of sale. Regardless of features that this new device brings if we compared it with the current systems, the main advantage it is to use a single technology to have controlled all the existing stock in a store.
In Addition, it would allow the retailers to forget to have to alarm all the merchandise in the store.


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