BIONIX leads the consortium of Galician companies aimed at the development of RESPIRADORES to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic


Led by BIONIX SUPPLYCHAIN TECHNOLOGIES the consortium consists of five other companies, the Clúster TIC Galicia and the Foundation Nóvoa Santos (Link to the foundation). The group plans to start producing in series in a few days.

This is presented by Jacobo Penide (enlace al Linkedin de BIONIX), the founder and CEO of BIONIX SUPPLYCHAIN TECHNOLOGIES, who notes that the project started on March 18 in order to respond to the situation of hospital collapse to cause of the pandemic. “That same day we started with the conceptual design of mechanics, hydraulics, hardware and software and the Clúster TIC Galicia coordinated the integration of other companies,” explains this telecommunications engineer, who points out that Cinfo joined “immediately,” then captured to firms in the metalworking, 3D printing and electronics sectors.


“It is designed for serial manufacturing, this is not a toy and we already have contacts with companies that want to produce it. We give the software for free,” says The CEO of BIONIX.

The project has the contribution of a component left of the automotive industry, namely three companies participating in the Accelerator Business Factory Auto, Lupeon, Nort3D and Inmake: the valves of the respirators.


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