BIONIX RFID Performance Test Lab fully operational

It is finally a reality. We are proud to say that after a huge effort from BIONIX and VOYANTIC teams working together, our RFID Performance Test Lab is fully operational at BIONIX Headquarters in A Coruña.

We have created an RFID Performance Test LAb unique un Spain with full capability to characterize any RFID device, both tags and readers including.

  • Tag Performance and comparison
  • Analysis and characterization of tags
  • TIPP Grading
  • Reader conformance Testing
  • RFID Protocol analytics

But why and RFID Tag Performance Test Lab with these characteristics in BIONIX?

Because we want to support our customers in the deployment of RFID technology and ensure the reliability of the end to end solution, from the reader to the tag. As you know we supply the Cloud Platform, Mobile APP and RFID Devices. With this investment we want to make sure the tag is meeting the performance expected in the global system.

You are all invited to visit us and discover the capabilities.


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