Bionix Solutions joins RAIN RFID Alliance

Bionix has become part of one of the most important international technological alliances on RFID technology, RAIN RFID.

RAIN is the acronym used for RFID technology that uses passive devices at UHF frequencies. Created in the year 2014, currently represent almost two hundred companies expert in the use of RFID technology by passive UHF TAGs.
The main objective of the Alliance is the promotion at the global level for the universalization of the use of RFID technology.
We live in a world where wireless technologies surround us and, on certain occasions, we are not aware of the impact it has on our daily lives as far as possibilities are concerned. Whether it’s WIFI or 4G, our lives revolve around the connectivity that these technologies allow.
We are currently experiencing a period of digital transformation where each and every one of the devices around us are increasingly connected to the network. This connection is called the Internet of things, where each connected article is not just another article, but currently has a name and surname.
The universalization of RFID technology will allow billions of articles in different sectors to be connected, which means a world of new possibilities for business management and efficiency.
Since Bionix, we have been working and developing devices that operate with RFID technology, for that reason, we are aware that belonging to this Organization is a great step to achieve each and every one of the goals that the future of connectivity offers us.

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