The Bionix Platform:
Closing the loop

Bionix closes the loop, providing all the necessary elements to optimize the entire supply chain. From the supplier to the store including the distribution center and warehouse. We think on a massive global scale. We can offer all the hardware, software and devices to connect all the items to the cloud and discover a new world of possibilities across the supply chain.

for all

Benefits for
the retailer


  • Increase sales and enhance customer experience
  • Improve inventory accuracy
  • Improve metrics along the supply chain
  • Control the flow of the items across the supply chain

Benefits in
the Store


  • Improves efficiency and productivity in all activities involving personnel for stock management
  • Increase sales
  • Increase effiency in store replenishment
  • Increase inventory accuracy
  • Reduce shrink

Benefits for
the supplier


  • Real time validation and control of incoming and outgoing stock
  • Registration of all the transactions of the articles guaranteeing traceability from origin to destination
  • Real time KPIs definition and generarion for improving effiency on stock management
  • Real time integration with IT central systems


We have partners and sales teams supporting different regions worldwide. For more information contact us..

Avenida de Nostián, Polígono Artística Nave 8
15008 La Coruña

+34 981 666 169

Avenida de Nostián, Polígono Artística Nave 8
15008 La Coruña


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