Bionix Cloud Platform

We believe that a cloud platform with a global scale is the only way to obtain a real vision of the entire the supply chain.

We rethink the way to understand, manage and optimize the flow of your items from scratch. We wanted to bring to our world disrupting technologies to add real value to our customers. From the supplier to the store.

We think of a massive volume of items connected. A massive number of simultaneous transactions throughout the entire planet. On real time. Completely personalized to understand and add value to every sector.

This is the way we created Bionix Cloud Platform.
Welcome to the future.

Bionix Cloud Platform manages remotely all the devices connected to the network, collects information about all the items read in each RFID device, and adds value to all this inventory information through advanced reports, analytics and Artificial Intelligent algorithms to improve efficiency and predict behaviour.

Some of the features of the Bionix Cloud Platform

  • Advanced analytics for operations and sales

Bionix Cloud Platform manages the connectivity, validation, processing and storing of all the information received from the remote RFID devices about items and transactions in the network. You can define real time business rules and create personalized reports to control and improve your metrics.

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

On top of Bionix Cloud Platform we added a brain, a cognitive AI network with specific algorithms to predict and detect failures and behaviors and improve the operations and metrics in the supply chain.

  • Alerts

You can define personalized alerts and notifications based on business rules manage in real time. You can this way proactively monitor your business to react immediately if necessary.

  • Remote monitoring and management

Of all the devices connected to the network


We have partners and sales teams supporting different regions worldwide. For more information contact us..

Avenida de Nostián, Polígono Artística Nave 8
15008 La Coruña

+34 981 666 169

Avenida de Nostián, Polígono Artística Nave 8
15008 La Coruña


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