COINTEGA and Bionix will start a technology demonstration center RFID for the Galician textile sector

The Confederation of Textile Industries of Galicia (COINTEGA – Cluster Textile Fashion) and the Galician startup Bionix Supplychain Technologies will launch a demonstration center on RFID technologies. The objective is to publicize and make available to companies the advantages that this technology offers for the management of the supply chain. This initiative is the first result of the collaboration agreement signed by both entities, and which plans to develop a series of training, dissemination initiatives over two years and promotion of new technologies to improve the efficiency and productivity of the Galician textile sector.

The demonstration center will be located in TEXVIGO, and the complete cycle of the supply chain of the textile-fashion sector will be presented, from the supplier’s exit to the store.

Users can thus know the process of tag generation Smart and familiarize yourself with RFID devices designed and manufactured in Galicia. They may also experience the operation of the cloud platform and the mobile app developed by Bionix. In this way, they will experience and test in real time the impact that this technology can have on their businesses.

The technology

With RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, objects communicate with each other, using radio frequency waves. The system consists of three fundamental elements: a chip where information about the product is housed, an antenna that transmits that information and a label that supports the chip and the antenna. In addition, readers that emit radio frequency waves are used to activate the reading of the information contained in the smart tag. This can simply identify the product, with data such as model, color, size, units, etc., or contain additional information related to traceability and production.

All this is very useful in logistics, since it makes possible a total control of the stock, and in particular in the textile-fashion sector, where the location and traceability of the objects is key to the efficiency of the processes. It is estimated that with smart tags it is possible to obtain improvements of 40% in operating expenses and up to 98% in inventory accuracy.

Until recently, the implementation of RFID technology meant strong investments only available to large multinationals. However, Bionix has managed to size the solutions, adapting them to the financial possibilities of small and medium enterprises.


The collaboration agreement signed between COINTEGA and Bionix has an expected duration of two years, which may be extended. In addition to the start of the RFID demonstration center, it provides for joint participation in research projects and programs, the development of training programs on new technologies applied to the textile sector, and advice to companies associated with COINTEGA.



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