In the supplier / In the distribution center DC

1. Identification

Each garment incorporates and RFID tag that allows you to identify it automatically throughout the entire supply chain.

2. Reception in DC

The reception at DC is done by passing all the merchandise through and RFID tunnel. The verification of entry of the order is immediate, being able to report the differences in real time for its reprocessing.

3. Output of merchandise in the DC

The outputs to store are also made through and RFID tunnel, verifying that the material shipped is exactly the one included in the distribution order to store.

4. Online orders

Online orders are verified with an RFID Desktop Checker, which checks the items sent to the customers.

How does Bionix work?

In the distribution center

Bionix allows to optimize the logistic processes of reception and movement of merchandise in the distribution center or warehouses, reducing times and errors and improving the reliability of the system.


Input of DC

  • It detects immediately differences between the order to the supplier and the merchandise entry.

  • Increase inventory accuracy.

  • Reduce the loss associated with reception errors.


Output of DC

  • Reduction of errors in the output of the DC.

  • Reduce the shrink because reliability increases and errors are reduced.

  • Possibility of unified stock for operations in physical store and online.

Merchandise reception.

Reliability and speed in the reception or merchandise. Error detection.

Merchandise reception.

Reliability and speed in the reception or merchandise. Error detection.


Reliability and total control of the stock


Merchandise check sent. Remove errors and improves stock reliability.

Inventory accuracy

Shorter time in the execution of inventories in the distribution center.


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