The european exposition on technology and RFID solutions was in London on November seven. During the day we attended several very interesting conferences about the importance of the implementation of this technology in different sectors.


Among the multiple solutions that can be designed for greater control of the entire supply chain that entails an automation of the most repetitive processes, we can mention those exhibited at the fair. We can highlight the innovations made by Mercedes, Adidas, IATA, Heathrow Airport …

The most important thing that we can highlight, are the infinite possibilities offered by RFID technology when it comes to carrying out an exhaustive control of the traceability of the entire supply chain. Among the different key sectors for its implementation, everything related to Retail, the Health sector and the industrial sector are of special mention.

An example worthy of mention has been the design of an RFID solution for the St. James Hospital in Dublin. During their presentation, they explained to all listeners how this system has allowed them to control the most vulnerable patients.

We live in a key moment for the whole industry as it is the conversion of a system that we can characterize as traditional to another totally innovative. This innovation brings totally disruptive technologies such as RFID, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Systems, which will change the entire industrial landscape as we know it.

We can not forget either all the possibilities of analysis offered by new technologies inside and outside the industrial sector. There are many companies that have been on a train for a while, whose goal will be the total immersion between the real and the virtual.

In these moments, the terms Smart City, Cloud System, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence are commonly known. But, it is true that many sectors still do not see a clear utility that entails a modernization of all their processes towards their automation; there is still some rejection of the term Industry 4.0.

That is why, from Bionix Solutions, we are fully committed since we started each solution, until we fully finalized its implementation.

For all these reasons, we encourage everyone to welcome this new reality with open arms that, in one way or another, we will face the need to have a more or less direct relationship with it.

Welcome to the industry of the future.

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