Implementation of an RFID Project

Lately we have heard a lot about RFID technology as well as the advantages in the management of the supply chain, the reduction in operating costs and the financial impact of having complete control over the entire inventory of any organization.

The problem begins when many companies do not know the starting, which is somewhat tedious if you are not used to it.

In addition, not having clear the different phases, can cause you to leave even before you start.

For that reason, from BIONIX, as experts in RFID technology, we want to explain all the phases that we must know very well when decide to start this kind of project.

  • IT Infrastructure
    1. Definition of the IT architecture (connectivity, servers…)
    2. Middleware integration with systems (SGA, ERP)
    3. Reporting
  • TAGs
    1. Strategy to Code
    2. Strategy depending on the kind of product
    3. Testing and validation
    4. Involvement of the marketing and R&D department
    5. Roll – out
  • Hardware
    1. Define the technical infrastructure and devices
    2. Installation, impact on the distribution center, warehouse and stores
    3. Installation of the devices
    4. Support and maintenance
  • Project Execution
    1. Selection of use cases to validate
    2. Project plan follow – up
  • Deployment
    1. Definition a planning of deployment in the distribution center and in stores
  • Purchases
    1. Purchase Planning
    2. Involvement of suppliers in the design, pilot and implementation plan
  • Results
    1. Definition of indicators to measure the impact of RFID
    2. Productivity
  • Financial
    1. Integration the new inventory management model
    2. Conciliation between legacy & RFID
  • Processes
    1. RFID management model
    2. Modification of certain processes due to the impact of RFID technology

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