For a while, we have been hearing and using terms such as the Internet of Things, IoT Platforms , Industry 4.0… but without knowing very well their meaning and everything that will contribute to us in a future that is getting closer.

As we all know, throughout recent history, different revolutions have taken place in the industry . Such movements have brought several changes in the way human beings work: Firstly, the train became true and the use of machines in the metallurgical and textile industries. After that, the second revolution brought the use of electrical systems , which produced the mass development of the chemical and automotive industries. The third was characterized by the use of electronics and information technology and telecommunications.

Regardless of the advances that we have been seeing for several decades are still valid today, the use we make of them has changed.

In our daily lives we use internet, smart devices, we like social networks, we like to be informed… Then , why not to use all the potential that current technology has in the industry?

Thanks to that, the idea of ​​the Internet of Things became true, as a new way to use the current telecommunication networks to give life to each and every one of the devices that are present in our daily lives. The idea is not only to identify the different items within a manufacturing chain, but also to indicate to the management system their places of passage, the time they have been in a certain place in the supply chain and, if we want to abstract more, indicate when a particular food is about to expire in our house, for example. In other hand, it means that all the items come to life as they give us information about their status into the system.

Therefore, thanks to the use of technology and these concepts, step by step a change is taking place in the industrial paradigm as we knew it. Now, a specific item will not only be part of a group of items, but will also be saying “it’s me and I’m here.” The key question now is: what will be the next?


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