On January 15, many people witnessed the potential that Bionix implemented in the supply chains of many retail sectors.
Our presence in the world's largest fair in terms of retail, produced an opportunity to face new challenges.

A place full of new technologies and ideas that are changing the way of working and understanding supply chains around the world.
At this time we are able to control all items in a store or warehouse simply by activating an antenna and “read”; the different existing items.
Our main motivation such an extraordinary event was to explain our slogan “Bring your ítems to life for maximum performance”;. In spite of we were very nervous before the magnitude of people who had come to see us, everything went perfectly.

During the presentation, our colleague David Mayán, not only explained the core of Bionix, a platform that join different technologies such as RFID, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of
Things, but also showed the function some of our devices already installed in production chains.
These devices produced such astonishment in the spectators, whose reactions were to ask numerous questions at the end of our intervention.
Many questions were repeated, and we insisted on the need of the current market regarding the digital transformation that the industry is experiencing around the planet. It does not
matter if we are in a clothing store, fruit boxes or shoes, the need to automate more repetitive processes is increasingly necessary. This need translates into greater competitiveness of
companies and an increase in their productivity.
In conclusion, it was a great experience for our team. All thisleads us to increase the desire to be present in every corner ofeach country whose main objective is to relate Bionix Solutionsas a
way to be more productive and efficient.

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