Bionix will participate in a talk with SCALPERS in the retail FORUM of Madrid where the importance of a logistics project based on RFID technology is discussed as an improvement in the management of any process.

In addition, We will talk about the positive impact these projects are having on the increase in sales in those sectors that use them.
Thanks to the use of this type of technology, the times of replacement in store and inventory control are reduced, which results in a substantial increase of each and every one of the sales.

Regardless of the sales channel, having an improvement in logistical processes, considerably improves the sales if compared with those traditional models.

So that, the next 28th of March will deal with topics as diverse as those discussed below:


  • The role of RFID technology to increase inventory accuracy and increase sales in a omnicanal scenario.
  • A tool for total control of the stock and to reduce the decrease-how it facilitates the reliability and speed of the inventory process, replenishment and reception in store.
  • Evolution of the use of RFID to quickly identify and treat the differences of stock (for losses or by administrative errors).
  • Supplier Control and speed and reliability of the processes in the distribution center.
  • where and how to start the implementation of an RFID project?


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