Since the identification technology appeared, the use number has been increasing. For that reason, we will write some of the sectors where it has become popular.

  1. Document authentication: many documents have sensitive information and it is very important to authenticate who accesses them.
  2. Location and tracking: an application os RFID technology is to control where a particular ítem or person is located. As an example, we can say patients inside a geriatric or a hospital. Having controlled the different places and the different patients, the doctors and nurses can get always the location of them, as well as the whole history of the patient with just approaching them.
  3. Control of the supply chain: one of the main applications of this technology is to control every variables that are involved in the different supply chain. It is very important to know the exact amount of items circulated through the different distribution centers and warehouses, as well as to detect possible errors in the shipments.
  4. Anti-theft: So far, all the anti-theft systems consisted in the placing of an alarm (EAS) in the different items. Thanks to RFID technology, we can use the same tag to get all the information from a specific item as well as detect when it is getting in an unseemly way of an establishment. An example of this use is on clothing surfaces. Each year many clothes are stolen from the department stores, which means million-dollar losses for the sector. In this way, not only would we have controlled the information of the item in the store, but also know if it has been paid or is being a theft or wrongful return.

In addition to the uses that have been described, we can write some more like: military use, access to restricted areas, RFID technology with sensors, contactless payments… The different possibilities are practically infinite.

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