How does Bionix work? in the Online Sale

The key to a successful omnicanal sales strategy is to be able to make of a inventory accuracy in real time.

Bionix improves online sales operations by increasing the reliability of the stock. This allows you to define a unified stock for distribution to physical stores and online sales. In addition, it allows to verify in real time all the outputs of shipments to customers contrasting with the ordre, removing errors in the shipment and improving the satisfaction and fidelity of the clients.

Sell Online

The customer has reliable product availability information

Home delivery

The shipments are checked which means unnecessary errors. Improves the satisfaction and reliability of the stock

Store Pickup

It is possible to integrate the physical world and the online in a simple way, allowing the collection in store of the items.




    • Customer satisfaction and Fidelity.
    • Increased online sales.
    • Delivery of orders with total reliability.
    • Unified stock, improves inventory efficiency.




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