How does Bionix work? In the shop

Reception of merchandise in store

Merchandise reception is performed automatically with a handheld device or Desktop Checker, which allows you toreduce errors, times and correctly verify the merchandise received.

Inventory Control.

The inventory time is drastically reduced and can increase its accuracy.

Replenishment in the store.

It is important to have the producto in the store. Thanks to the RFID, the replenishment is done faster and efficiently

Point os Sale.

The sale is made by identifying automatically the ítem, being able to have systems of self-checkout to eliminate unnecessary waits, which improves the satisfaction of the customers.

How does Bionix work? In the shop

Bionix allows to improve the operations in store, from the reception of merchandise to the sale.


Bionix allows to reduce the time associated to the inventory and improves the replenishment of items in the store, which has an impact on an increase in sales, an improvement in workers’ satisfaction and a significant reduction in operating costs.

Merchandise reception

Speed and reliability at the reception


Speed and reliability making inventories in the store

Store replenishment

Reduce replenishment time

Product location

Fast location of products in the store

Point of sales

The sale is made by identifying the RFID Tags in the garment

Self Checkout

eduction of waiting times with automatic checkout systems and total control of garment.

Reduce Shrink

Reduction of inknown losses thanks to stock control


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