On March 28th, one of the most important retail events in Spain will take place: the RETAIL FORUM.
Located in the fairgrounds of Madrid, it will be an event where Bionix will be present the new designs designed for the shop of the future.

We are living a change in the industry, a transition between the analogue and the digital world. Thanks to the use of Artificial intelligence and the Internet of things, many ítems will be connected to Internet showing all the information about themselves.

Extrapolating all tat connectivity to the store of the future, we will see how the concept of buying a particular ítem will change in a short time.

We can use this technology also to prevent them from stealing in many shops.
According to a study carried out last year 2018, the different thefts that are carried out cost about twenty six million euros to the retailers of our continent.
From Bionix, we are fully committed to new product developments that allow greater security and control for all retailers.
See you in a few days at the RETAIL FORUM.

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