We can define RFID as Radio Frequency Identification. This definition mentions a type of existing technology since the of early twentieth century. When we talk about RFID, we should mention the expresión RFID system. An RFID system is making of a reader or transceiver, a label or transponder and a subsystem of data processing or middleware RFID. The RFID reader sends signals and checks if any tag is present within its coverage area.

rfid tecnologyRFID tags have all the information associated with a particular item. At this point we must say one of the keys to the importance of an RFID system in the logistics processes, because it is able to identify each item individually. This functionality has its uses in all processes where traceability of the supply chain is necessary. The system of data processing or middleware RFID allows to store and manage the data collected by the reader and works as an intermediary between all the technology of the system and the different management programs existing in different companies; we can mention the WMS (Warehouse Management System) and the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

For all this, from Bionix Solutions, we develop all technology that allows the incorporation of a complete RFID system to the different supply chains of different sectors, helping to give a step towards the Industry 4.0 model. We design our own devices that work using RFID technology, but we also do a great R&D to develop our readers and RFID tags. We also have a powerful software system that allows an efficient management of all the information collected by the readers present in the different labels.


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